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Kacchi Binola Khal ( प्रीमियम कच्ची बिनोला खल ) - Trishul

RS. 2,075.00   RS. 2,450.00   Rs. 375.00 OFF

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Sarso Ki Kachi Khal ( सरसो की कच्ची खल - घनी वाली )

RS. 1,595.00   RS. 1,941.00   Rs. 346.00 OFF

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Sarso Ki Pakki Khal (सरसो की पक्की खल)

RS. 1,195.00   RS. 1,650.00   Rs. 455.00 OFF

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Gold Pro (गोल्ड प्रो)

RS. 1,300.00   RS. 1,545.00   Rs. 245.00 OFF

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Shaktibhog Mesh (शक्तीभोग मेश)

RS. 1,470.00   RS. 1,825.00   Rs. 355.00 OFF

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Shaktibhog Pellets (शक्तीभोग पेलेट्स)

RS. 1,465.00   RS. 1,825.00   Rs. 360.00 OFF

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Bhains Special (भैंस स्पेशल)

RS. 1,460.00   RS. 1,825.00   Rs. 365.00 OFF

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Hi Power (हाई पॉवर)

RS. 1,230.00   RS. 1,485.00   Rs. 255.00 OFF

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Promaize Silage (साइलेज)

RS. 810.00   RS. 1,090.00   Rs. 280.00 OFF

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Chelated Mineral Mixture (चिलेटेड मिनरल मिक्सचर)

RS. 910.00   RS. 1,110.00   Rs. 200.00 OFF

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Moo Magic (मू मैजिक)

RS. 370.00   RS. 450.00   Rs. 80.00 OFF

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Milk Maxima (मिल्क मैक्सिमा)

RS. 1,095.00   RS. 1,290.00   Rs. 740.00 OFF

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Daliya ( दलिया )

RS. 1,335.00   RS. 1,550.00   Rs. 215.00 OFF

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Chana Churi (चना चूरी)

RS. 1,655.00   RS. 1,850.00   Rs. 195.00 OFF

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Barik (Chota) Choker (बारीक छोटा चोकर)

RS. 1,245.00   RS. 1,360.00   Rs. 115.00 OFF

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Soya Chilka (सोया छिलका)

RS. 1,150.00   RS. 1,360.00   Rs. 210.00 OFF

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Shakti Bhog Choker Barik Premium (बारीक चोकर प्रीमियम)

RS. 1,350.00   RS. 1,560.00   Rs. 210.00 OFF

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Shakti Bhog Daliya Premium (शक्तीभोग दलिया प्रीमियम)

RS. 765.00   RS. 950.00   Rs. 185.00 OFF

Cattle Feed Delivery – Animal Feed Online Store

Buy Cattle Feed | Animal Feed Online Store | MeraPashu360

Shudh Pashu Aahar – Banayein Apne Pashu ko Swastha – Badhayein Doodh Utpaad

As a dairy farmer, you know how important it is to have the best quality and fresh feed for your cattle. MeraPashu 360, being the first and only kind of tech-driven platform in India, provides home delivery of premium grade animal feed, at lowest prices.

Respective of your cattle breed, we deliver wide varieties of animal feed that includes Khal, Goli Khal, Silage, Mineral Mixture as well as Traditional Feed. Our feed collection includes complete source of essential nutrients required for cattle growth, body maintenance, health and milk production. Procured from reliable and prominent manufacturers, the feed is developed from the best and quality grains, molasses, brans, vitamins, minerals and other organic products.

Affordably Priced – High Quality Cattle Feed – Buffalo & Cow Feed Online - Doorstep Delivery

We are a complete source of your animal feed requirement, wherein we procure and keep feed at our well-maintained storage before delivery to the customer. We conduct a thorough inspection and quality check of the feed quality, carried out by qualified professionals. The quality assurance process enables us to help our esteemed feed customers to improve their cattle health and increase milk yield and generate high revenue.

Our feed collection is suitable for high yielding cattle, low yielding feed, different buffalo and cow breeds, and dry feed for pregnant cattle, etc. We not only help you buy cattle feed online of best quality, but also assists you in cattle management with timely and routine vet checkup visit, along with full feed advisory support on how to increase the milk yield.

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