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Hum laayein hain aapke liye sabse badhiya, talaashi hui, uchchatam quality bhains!

At MeraPashu360, you can discover the finest quality cattle that matches your need to keep your dairy farming business in top notch condition. Here you can find buffalos that are tested for high milk yield and are finest in health condition. Our collection of buffalos is selected after a thorough research and are procured with a strict quality assessment in place, from across the nation. These buffalos are medically tested by a qualified veterinary doctor, followed with all the required vaccination, with complete inspection done at our own farm. Explore the wide range of cattle online.

MeraPashu360 is a tech-driven platform where you get to access the best in the cattle, wherein the milk yield inspection is done multiple times for verified assurance to the customers. At present we have a wide variety of Murrah bhains (considered the best in India owing to their milk yield and quality). You can also find a wide variety of Cross-Murrah buffalo, complete with details about their milk yield and calving state. What more, for your convenience you get free delivery support, 2 free vet checkups, 1 free artificial insemination support.

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